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Brand New School Opens in London

 Brand New School Finds Brand New Home in UK

Kayt Hall is the new UK-based Executive Producer for Brand New School.
Creative design and production studio Brand New School (BNS) has announced the forthcoming debut of their new London-based studio, as well as the addition of veteran agency producer Kayt Hall as the UK studio's executive producer.  According to BNS founder and creative director Jonathan Notaro, the appointment of Hall is effective immediately.  The company's new Soho studio, located at 140 Wardour Street, is expected to open its doors on August 1.

Since relocating from South Africa to London in 1995, Hall has held producer positions with such agencies as M&C Saatchi and Ogilvy, among others, producing high-profile commercials and content for major brands.  She joined Passion Pictures as a senior producer in 2007, where she represented BNS to the European agency community, a relationship that led to numerous highly successful collaborations for the studio over the past three years.

"We’re thrilled with the level of success we've been able to achieve so far in the UK and Europe, and to have the opportunity to be central to our European clients," Notaro began.  "Working with Kayt over the past few years, we've found that our creative sensibilities are particularly well suited for European markets.   We anticipate our presence will be well received by our European agency friends.  Our new studio in London will offer local UK and European talents, while also offering the directors and production resources of our studios in New York and Los Angeles."

All BNS studios will be interconnected to facilitate collaborations and to share resources, says Notaro.  "While one could argue that we are now 'going global,' we aim to remain boutique in scale, and essentially produce European jobs where it's convenient for European clients, while expanding our overseas reach. Although we're well into the age where connectivity is not an issue, in-person meetings remain utterly irreplaceable."

"BNS brings a host of unique talents across a spectrum of live-action, design, animation, VFX and distribution techniques to the UK market," says Hall.  "They have the ability to come up with innovative creative solutions and deliver this thinking in terms of both conventional and non-conventional forms of advertising."

"A main mission for our new studio is to discover and promote English and European talents, in hope that these individuals are well received in the US markets as well," adds BNS managing director Danny Rosenbloom. "We've learned firsthand that Europe is an outstanding source for brilliant creativity, so we see this venture as a natural extension of our successes to date, and our growing relationships with the world's best creatives and brands."

Published June 21, 2010

Published 21, June 2010