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  • Robert Wherry's Fancy Content Opens

    Executive Producer Robert Wherry relocates to the West Coast to start new commercial, web video and branded content production company.

  • Cutters Promotes Aaron Kiser To Editor

    Aaron Kiser is promoted to editor after building up a loyal fan-base and working as lead editor on projects for Bayer, Capital One, and State Farm amongst others.

  • The Passion Of Saschka Unseld

    As the former Pixar director takes on the role of Creative Director at Passion NY, we chat to him about his work, his shorts and what he swiped from the Toy Story box.

  • Compulsive Pictures Welcomes Director Matthew Lincoln

    Effects & storytelling driven director Matt Lincoln signs to Compulsive Pictures NY for

  • Kenzo Digital Joins Alldayeveryday

    Sought-after artist and director Kenzo Digital, known for his experimental work with Beyoncé, joins Alldayeveryday.

  • Alethia Austin Joins Sizzer Amsterdam

    Californian Alethia Austin brings her more than 10 years of music industry experience to Sizzer Amsterdam as music supervisor.

  • Youree Henley Joins Epoch Films as EP

    Youree Henley - producer of commercials and feature films, including Sofia Coppola's Somewhere - joins Epoch Films.

  • Havas Worldwide New York Appoints Sami Viitamäki

    Finnish-born Sami Viitamäki is appointed as Executive Director of Digital at Havas, New York.

  • Ben Hume-Paton Signs To Cap Gun UK

    Director Ben Hume-Paton, known for his fashion, beuaty and car work, joins Cap Gun UK for representation.

  • South Africa - The Rainbow Nation

  • Join Us in London for Our Biggest SourceEcreative Presents

    Jamie & the gang are back for Christmas in London, at the Curzon Soho / 4th December / 7pm. Reserve now!

  • TPSC Signs Julian Pugsley

    Julian Pugsley brings a controlled pandemonium to TPSC's directorial roster.


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